Updates – Moved.

Hey guys.

So..Yeah. I decided to change stuff up. So.  I moved this site to another site-

Here’s the link.


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Customs – MG GP01 Ver. Mena.

You know the protocol 🙂

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Customs – MG Exia Ver. Marcus Moss.

– Ka Pow.You know what to do. ❤

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General Updates – Anyone say ‘ Comeback’ ?

                     – ‘ OH HAII ‘

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Tutorial – Joint Tightening.( MG Wing Zero joint, Full Saber joint tightening and much more.)

What a bloody long title eh? But heck. I promised a friend, Javan, to do this tutorial, so here we go.

Foreword: This is my technique, you can choose not to follow, but I do it this way. * sings backstreet boys’ ‘I want it that way’ ;P *

Here goes.

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Customs – MG GP03S ‘Azure Acacia’ .

-The GP03S  ‘Azure Acacia’ aka. ‘The Blue Rose.’

More after the little button.

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